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fashion design

Innovate from Scratch

Master the fundamentals of design and apparel to create a fresh and contemporary aesthetic.

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advanced fashion design

Land Your Dream Job

Be able to respond to the constant challenges of working in a competitive and dynamic industry.

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pattern design

Make the Cut

Learn how to communicate your vision and turn it into a physical product with finesse and precision.

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I learned a lot about creating a cohesive vision and translating that from your mind... 
then onto garments that all tie together and depict a common theme through colors, fabrics, trims, shapes, textures, etc. 
I learned that in order to communicate this vision clearly ,you must start by collecting 
what inspires you and then piecing together a commonality amongst the chaos.”

-Christine Waters, Fashion Design student
I've always been interested in fashion and drawing but working at my dream job only seemed like a dream.
Learning with Joseph helped me realize my full creative potential and I'm glad that I can call him someone so experienced
and passionate my mentor.”

-Roy Lee, Fashion Design student
After working for a few years in the local apparel industry, I felt that my career had plateued
and I needed some fresh advice and a new perspective. I wanted to branch out and expand my skills
while still holding my full time job. I feel like I've grew not only professionally but personally while
I learned from Prisma's experienced teachers."

-Hyo-Jin Cho, Pattern Making student